The basic info

My commission status (open/closed/waitlist) is available on my twitter @cipherdice. Commissioned sets and/or big 20s are available; sets start at $99 and big 20s start at $59. Most commissions are the base price, but I reserve the right to raise it if the process or materials are difficult or something I would need to special order, at my discretion. (I'll tell you first, obviously, in case there was another option you'd prefer at the base price!).

With commissioned sets, I ask for any input the buyer wants to give (colours, inclusions, example dice they like, character info or art if it's for a specific character, etc) and pour two sets based on that request. The buyer then has their choice of which set they want, and I'll list the unsold set for sale in my shop as normal. If you like them so much you want both sets, you're welcome to purchase the second set at the non-commission price directly - just let me know so I can include both in your private listing.

Give me a general rundown of the process

When commissions go live, you will be able to put down a deposit via a listing in my shop. This deposit is nonrefundable (see below for more info), and I'll email you to start talking about your dice from there. Once you've provided all the colour and style input you desire, I'll get started on 2 sets within those parameters. You get your choice of either or both, I finish them to your specifications, and give you a finished product listing that includes the balance and shipping. 

How long do commissioned dice take?

I generally ask for six weeks from first pour to inked and finished, but the real answer is: it varies. Please let me know if you have a specific date you would like your dice by - I can't promise I'll meet it, but I will talk with you about options (including faster shipping or rush fees). This is longer than I need, generally, but it's nicer to finish early than late, and the leeway allows for my non-dice life as well. (Outside of dice making, I'm a career change pre-med student and work full time in a medical clinic; the longer-than-necessary timeframe is desiged to give me some wiggle around those commitments.)

That said, there's a baseline time frame I can't really speed up: the resin I work with has timing constraints that mean dice take about a week from first pour to final ink, at an absolute minimum. 

During the whole process, I'll be in touch with you about where I am on your dice. I will provide photos when I have the fresh pulls and discuss ink options with you then (sometimes when you see a set, an unexpected ink idea arises that you might not have considered before!). 

What kinds of dice can I ask for in a commissioned set?

Almost anything you can think of! I'm happy to talk through options for dice similar to previous styles I've made, or recreate a one-off colourway you really wanted and missed out on. Alternately, we can create something totally new together. Maybe you liked the effect in a set but not the colours, or wanted to add foils where there were none. 

What can't I ask for in a commissioned set?

The big one is that I won't recreate other people's dice. There are so many talented dice makers out there, so if you love some other person's dice, please buy directly from the creator! While I certainly find other people's dice inspirational at times, I'm not trying to make knock-offs. Please feel free to show me dice by other people if you loved the colour or the vibe and we can talk about how I can incorporate those elements, but I won't attempt to remake them.

How does the money part work?

When commissions open, there will be a listing in my store for a $30 commission deposit. This is nonrefundable and is there to cover my material costs and the time to pour the sets. I will annouce this listing on twitter, and it's first come first serve, with a fixed number of spaces available.

Once your set is finished to your specifications, I'll set up a second listing for you with the balance and shipping. 

What if I don't like either set? Do I still have to buy them?

All commissions are done with a $30 deposit and the balance paid upon completion. This covers my materials and time and is nonrefundable. I will do my very best to make sure we're on the same page about your dice before casting, but if the dice are not what you wanted (or if something has come up and you no longer can afford them, I get it <3), you are not obligated to purchase the dice. I will finish them and put them in the shop as usual and your deposit will not be refunded. That said, I do want you to be happy! Talk to me about it and we can probably work something out.

What if they come out flawed?

Sometimes weird stuff happens. If the flaw is something routine and fixable (eg, a small bubble, can be easily repaired without marks), I'll go ahead and fix them as I normally would. If it's a larger problem, I'll email you about it and we'll decide on a solution together. That solution might be repouring the set, offering the originals at a discounted price, or something else. 

I have other questions!

No problem. Reach out via the contact form or twitter DM.