Where else can I find you online?

If you'd like semi-regular email updates, please sign up for the mailing list.

If you'd like more frequent photo updates, please check twitter (though with the change in twitter management, this may change in the future).

If you'd like photos of finished dice only, please check tumblr. I'm considering using tumblr more for wip content, tbd!

If you'd like to toss me a few dollars and potentially get more behind-the-scenes updates in the future, please check ko-fi.

If you're moving to new social media types, please check hive (app only),  or cohost and also mastodon. I'm still figuring out which of these I prefer, tbd. I don't care for mastodon, but do want to keep this as my offical presence there.

If you're interested in a discord server, I'm considering it! Please send me an email via the contact form or a message via any of the above sites as I gauge interest.

When you say "handmade," what exactly does that mean?

All dice are poured by me in my kitchen, using molds made from my own custom original dice. I do every step. Sometimes my cats try to help.

Are they sharp?

The caltrop d4s in particular are painful if stepped on. Maybe worse than a lego. Would not recommend.

Are they the same size as other dice?

Roughly. My dice are a little big, about 21.5mm diameter on the d20s (Chessex, as a point of comparison, are 20mm). The big 20s are 45mm, or a hair over 1.75". 

Are they perfect? Are they balanced?

They're as perfect as I can make them. I polish all dice to 1μm, but of course the camera captures flaws invisible to the naked eye.

Depending on the mold and method, handmade dice should be expected to have tiny marks from the mold itself (as with sprue and some cap-style molds) or the polishing process. These are usually very small marks not noticable under most circumstances, but may be visible if you're looking for them specifically. Small flaws I consider acceptable on regular dice include 1-2mm divots, lines, very small internal bubbles, or slightly rounded or clipped edges or corners.

If the dice are flawed beyond any of the above, I price them accordingly. Slightly flawed dice are still perfectly usable, and I note specific flaws in the description.

My dice are as balanced as any other resin sets. Typical inclusions (glitter, foil, and similar) do not weigh significantly more or less than resin, and do not affect the balance. If I think an inclusion will make a noticable difference, I'll warn you in the listing.

I want to see all of your previous dice - everything on the site is sold out or disappears!

There's no easy way to build a gallery directly into big cartel (my ecommerce host), so I made one for you on tumblr.

Tell me about shipping

I use USPS first class mail by default, via Pirate Ship. You will receive tracking info via email when your sets are packaged up and sent. I usually ship Monday-Friday, though it make take a day or two (or three) to get them out the door depending on other, non-dice factors. If you need them to go out ASAP, leave a note at checkout and I'll do my best to accommodate you. If you need your dice shipped via a faster method, drop me an email and I'll calculate the price difference for you and invoice you for the balance.

Do you ship outside of the US? 

Yes, with some limitations. I'm currently unable to ship to the UK or EU due to the new VAT requirements, but I'm actively looking for solutions and hope to be able to ship there again soon. You may need to pay customs and/or duty fees upon receipt if you're outside of the US. I don't generally accept returns, but for areas that require a return policy, the buyer must cover return shipping for a refund.