Unfinished Singles - d6s

$5.00 USD

The shopkeeper wasn’t exaggerating when they said they had a huge selection to choose from. Laid before you are piles of polished gems, each glittering and glinting in the clean white light given off by the drifting globules near the ceiling. One mote drifts down closer to you, illuminating the pile of jewels for your better inspection. You sift through them, turning each over and inspecting for variations in colour and quality. All the colours shine equally. They will do for your spellwork, that’s certain, but since you can be a little bit picky, why not find the prettiest ones?

All of these dice are UNFINISHED! No ink, no clean-up after being demolded. Most are random pours from leftover resin, or experiments that didn't turn out as planned. You will receive one at random. If you've purchased a set or sets, I'll try to coordinate the colour scheme if possible. If you have a strong preference for colour, leave a note at checkout - I'll do my best, but no guarantees! Updated for the April 9 sale with the current batch.

Use code SINGLEDICEPROMO at checkout to get 25% off any combo of 4 or more unfinished single dice.

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