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Astral Explosion - 45mm chonk

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This plane is vast, an endless sea of purple-green-blue-black fading into interminable darkness in every direction. You float, unsure how to swim in this not-quite-air, until you remember your teacher’s instruction: steeling yourself against the possibility of failure, you decide to fly backwards. It’s hard to be sure if it worked at first, without much beyond a few clouds of stardust to orient yourself in this space. Your attention lands on a solid structure moving near the point where your vision fails you. Sharp edges cut hard lines across the wisps of colour billowing like clouds. You move toward it.

Dirty pour of clear resin with blue/magenta shift mica and white ink, inked in mother of pearl. This was done as an insert, so there are areas with more or less of the clear still visible. The white forms an explosion around the 1 face.

More photos are available on twitter @cipherdice.

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