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Itty Bitty - 38 - sunshine yellow

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The fairy offers her cupped hands up toward you, holding something small and glittering. You find yourself squinting to try to see what exactly it is she holds, tinier than the tip of your wand or the toe bean of your cat familiar. She offers it to you, and you allow it to fall into your own cupped palm: a very small, rough stone, an uncut gem that nonetheless glitters in the morning sun. It is exactly what you need to finish the spell you’ve been working on, and you glance back up to thank the fairy, but she’s disappeared.

Transparent sunshine yellow resin with holo glitter. These are itty bitty dice, approximately 6mm face to face on the d20 (compared to about 21 for my standard sets). Because of their size, I do not ink them, but the third photo shows what inking can look like if you choose to do so. The fourth photo is on a standard d6 for size comparison.

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