Captain Emliss - 8d6

$64.00 USD

They offer you the tattoo after years of service as an informant. Nothing as formal as a spy, just coin for information. It is a good offer - more coin, more work, a boat of your own. You agree willingly. It hurts - you expected it to hurt, you’ve had tattoos before (because what sailor has not?), and you know the back of the neck will be tender - but the hurt is more than the superficial and short-lived pain you expect. It aches like a bone not set quite right (another thing sailors know), but you’re not in the habit of regret.

Deep muted purple transparent resin with swirls of purple/forest green/red opal mica and lots of holo glitter, inked in lighter purple. These have some mold marks still present and are discounted to reflect this.

More photos are available on twitter @cipherdice.

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