Arhan - 8d6

$69.00 USD

You’ve grown used to being in the stick, a disembodied mind alone (and then not alone, for which you are grateful). And it’s not exactly that your new body needs things like food (though it does require a little maintenance that you are happy to learn, both magical and material; you always were a little bit of a tinkerer), but it doesn’t hurt to try to remember how those things felt and find the analogues that are comfortable for you now. Your friends have gone to do some impossible thing, so you take up your own impossible things once again.

Clear resin with heavy holo glitter and a thin layer of deep purple/black/pink opal mica on the low faces. This is largely translucent and leads to the dice reading as darker or more purple than they otherwise might. They are inked in copper.

More photos are available on twitter @cipherdice.

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