Raspberry Lemonade - 8d6

$69.00 USD

Ice clinks against the inside of the cup as you invert it a few times to make sure the toppings and additives are thoroughly mixed. The first sip is cold and sweet, exactly what you were hoping it would be. Your fingertips start to prune as the outside of the cup starts to sweat in the sweltering heat, the ice inside beginning to rapidly melting away. You take another sip, then stash the second, unopened drink in your backpack next to your dice bag. The dice and ice rattle together as you walk, prepared with the best DM bribe possible.

Clear resin with a layer of bright pink transparent resin on the low faces. There is gold foil and lots of holographic glitter throughout. Inked in metallic magenta.

More photos are available on twitter @cipherdice.

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