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Ioun Stone of Awareness

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The wizard looks down her nose at you, expression unreadable but certainly not kind. Around her head circle half a dozen gems like moons in orbit, playing off the stark white of her hair and skin and the gold of the headpiece like a sunburst at the crown of her head. You consider your options: attempt to flee, attempt to twist the truth, attempt to convince her to have mercy. At your side your fingers itch for another option: attempt to disrupt the gems, take one, run. It will be the Replenishment soon. You could probably get away with it.

Slate grey resin with holo flake glitter and silver foil, swirled with deep blue/purple/black opal mica, inked in silver. Part of a trio of sets with the other two Ioun Stones.

More photos are available on twitter @cipherdice.